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Plastic Surgery & Ocean Drive Beauty™

Our goal with OceanDrive Beauty.com™ is to provide you with the real reasons behind plastic surgery. Here, you will find real people and real stories. You will see and get to hear the voices, thoughts, and feelings of the people we have been privileged to treat at Ocean Drive Plastic Surgery ™. This website is new and will be updated regularly with new photos and more categories.


OceanDriveBeauty.com, First of its Kind

There is more to plastic surgery than just anatomy and photographs.  The greatest satisfaction we receive at Ocean Drive Plastic Surgery ™ is in watching the positive effect of people investing in themselves and in their overall quality of life.  There is an emotional component to our plastic surgery experience, and we wanted to try and share it with you in this website.


At Ocean Drive Plastic Surgery ™, we encounter incredibly vibrant and interesting people on an daily basis, and we wanted to share our plastic surgery community with the world. The images and stories on this website are accurate and true. All of our pictures are real patients, and while some of them do professionally model, none of them were hired professionally for our website.  Every photograph shown here represents a friend and patient of Ocean Drive Plastic Surgery ™.  Our patients are everyday people.  Our patients are extraordinary men and women.  Some work here, some vacation here, and many come from all parts of the country just to see us. You may even see someone you know.  Lastly, we show men and women from of all ages because we know that beauty is timeless, while age is just a number.


We believe that plastic surgery addresses self image, not vanity. The true stories presented here showcase how real people improved their daily lives with us. We built this website to give testimony to our patients, and to explain to you why we love coming to work everyday. If you spend just a few minutes here, you will understand why we believe we have the finest plastic surgery practice, and why we are convinced that we have the greatest patients.


Why a Plastic Surgeon’s Website Should Matter to You

The internet has reshaped how we portray ourselves to our community.  It has allowed us to show our sense of culture and our personal thoughts and philosophies with the world at large.  We want our websites to provide to you as much of our expertise as we can provide.  We want to help you understand what plastic surgery is all about before you commit your personal time.  We want to be a resource of accurate knowledge regarding our fields of expertise, and we want to make sure you have access to it.  Moreover, we want to introduce ourselves to you.  We hope to give you a sense of who we are, what we do, and why we do it so well.  The internet has allowed people to give away their professional advice to the masses for free, and we gladly accept the invitation.  Websites are the new “window to the soul” of any organization, and we built our website to reflect our philosophy of how we care for people.


Why should you care about a physician’s website? Because websites reflect the core principles of the organization they represent.  This website shows unaltered, standardized photography of patients undergoing aesthetic plastic surgery procedures.  They are not cases, they are not referred to by “case number”.  They are people who invested in themselves, and they were kind enough to share their story with us, and now you.  We hope that this website reflects our belief in patient autonomy and respect, our desire to be the finest plastic surgery practice available, and our belief that we serve some of the most beautiful people on earth.


We Build and Maintain our Website In-house


Web design and website construction do not come free or easy!!  When we started this process, it dawned on us that if we built our website the conventional way, we would be sending your sensitive photos to third party web developers who do not have the same sensitivity to privacy that our practice has.  We would not be able to absolutely guarantee that patient anonymity could be maintained because we would be turning sensitive photographs over to a third party.  This was unacceptable to us, as we strongly believe in the right of anonymity all patients should receive.  So, we came up with a novel solution.  We became experts in web design and construction, kept it all in-house!


Our webmaster is Dr. Roxanne Durkin, Ph.D.  Translated, this means that our patient photo files are NEVER given to third-party web developers or other “SEO” marketing companies.  Drs. Durkin create all of their own content, and maintain strict control over all patient information.  We believe that we are the only plastic surgery practice that can better ensure that your patient information will never be shared directly with any outside web developer.  We know this offers our patients an extra layer of protection when it comes to their identity.  This level of protection is truly unique, and we are very proud of this accomplishment.  We also added in preventative measures to our sites, such as blocking right-click copying of pictures.  Lastly, every photograph we display is copyright protected, and we will prosecute anyone attempting to violate our copyright.


“Thank you” to Our Patients

It’s not easy to put yourself out there for the world to see. All of our patients graciously consented to be photographed and displayed on our website. We look at our planet as a small, close-knit community. If you see someone on our website that you know, please pass the good-will forward and thank them for sharing their stories with you. They aren’t “cases”, they are real people. From everyone at Ocean Drive Plastic Surgery ™, we’d like to thank every one of our beautiful patients for allowing us to proudly show them off.


All of the before and after photographs represent the work of Dr. Alan Durkin and Ocean Drive Plastic Surgery ™, and none of them have been altered to misrepresent actual results. Our patients are real people and are not hired as professional models for this website.